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Women Africa International is a religious, non-governmental, non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of women, vulnerable children and girls, children and adolescents by enabling and facilitating their access to education, empowerment systems, health services and advocating for laws that protect their basic human rights.

As a structured, faith-based organization with steadfast passion and determination, committed to saving women, girls from the challenges they face, freeing children from social pressure and prejudice, especially those who do not go to school due to poverty and adverse circumstances.

We are committed to civic engagement and the impact on the community that is absolutely necessary in many ways to ensure that our communities are vibrant, responsible and strong.

When you change a woman's life

Woman Africa is also committed to gaining knowledge on various issues that affect women, girls, orphans and vulnerable children and how to combat them effectively. The company works with rural community authorities/stakeholders to mobilize, sensitize and fund the needs of target groups (girls, women, orphans and vulnerable children).

According to Woman Africa International’s Sustainable Development Goals Report (2017), a remarkable development has taken place that has led to greater prosperity and gender fairness. The goals of sustainable development therefore aim to promote and develop the recognition that there is a possible revision of discrimination against women and girls, particularly in developing countries.

Women Africa (WA) is committed to this empowerment system and to common goals.


According to UNICEF, by 2013 some 65 million young people aged between 12 and 15 years were denied the right to education, plus 59 million primary school children who dropped out of school. Education opens up and promotes the potential of a child as a proven way out of poverty. In fact, education is the only determinant of future economic status and autonomy. Woman Africa has set itself the goal of bringing and keeping more children in education throughout Africa.



In Africa there is a shortage of female executives. Even the most talented woman with the greatest potential often has no access to the tools and training she needs to become a leader who can help others escape poverty. WomanAfrica believes in real, sustainable change in Africa as a result of identifying and developing more leaders in our organisation and the countries where we work.


Women and girls are disproportionately affected by this current economic crisis and we must ensure that women’s energy, skills, strength and wisdom become an integral part of the transformed economic infrastructures that are currently being developed by world leaders. Strengthening and investing in girls and young women is part of a comprehensive solution for all of us, now and in the future.


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What people say

Gloria Udo Ukpong
Gloria Udo Ukpongvia Facebook
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Missionaries in African nations is an ordained ministry, remember the BIG COMMISSION "Go into the world and prepare the GOSPEL" WIN A SOUL TODAY. AND WISH WOMAN AFRICA MORE GRACE.
Betty Akoh
Betty Akohvia facebook
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Wonderful God we serve. More Grace Mama. God bless you and family. Women Missionaries to African Nations "WomanAfrica". How you see life is how it happens to you.
Kasaine Cosmas
Kasaine Cosmasvia Facebook
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WomanAfrica really touched Kenyan women by donating a peanut butter processing machine, which she so much used to help women in Nairobi/Kenya to generate income for their families and to pay school fees for their children.
Ifeyinwa Lily Leonard
Ifeyinwa Lily Leonardvia Facebook
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I witness the great work that the NGO is doing through the humble servant of God, a virtuous woman who is so passionate about women and children, seeing women as AGENT OF CHANGE, helping women to discover themselves, and believing that when you save a woman you are saving children, the community and the whole nation in general. May Almighty God continue to raise them up.
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