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They deserve the opportunity

WomenAfrica International is committed to empowering women, girls and children through education. If these groups of people in Africa have the chance to receive training, go to school and stay there, the cycle of poverty reduction is broken and things change.

Girls who go to school will earn higher incomes in professional life, postpone marriage, plan their families and seek education for their own children.

In addition to education, women and girls receive support needed to begin to reintegrate into society, including health education, spiritual counseling, and financial training.

Your donation could finance …

  • A school uniform, sports uniform and school supplies
  • schoolbooks
  • A mattress, a set of sheets, a blanket and a trunk for women, girls or children in boarding school
  • One year primary school, high school, college, including board and lodging
  • Personal consumables, including hygiene pads, detergents, soap, toilet paper and the like

Food Supply

Fifty-five percent of the country in Africa is unsuitable for any type of agriculture except nomadic pastures.

West Africa for example depends to 40% on imports in ensuring sufficient food supply. The main causes of hunger include poverty, conflict, climate and weather, lack of investment in agriculture and unstable markets.

With your help we can decrease the hunger for thousands of women, girls and children.

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Health Care

WomenAfrica International has access to health and nutrition services such as deworming, nutritional micronutrient supplementation, malaria control and school vision and hearing screening. We offer women, girls and children improved conditions to access clean water, sanitation and hygiene. We help women and children develop lifelong health through competence-based health education, including HIV and AIDS prevention.

Millions of women, girls and children are affected by serious but easily treatable and preventable diseases that affect their ability to lead normal lives.

We also work closely with schools and their communities to ensure adequate sanitation through the construction of toilets and appropriate hand washing facilities, as well as access to safe drinking water.
With the support of donors and partners, we help communities care for sick and vulnerable women, girls and children, as well as provide education, emotional and religious support, nutritious food and more.

Please support us with your donation!

Water Supply

Many women and children die from water and sanitation related diseases. We provide sanitation education!

You can help save and change lives, here’s how:

One of the main causes of poverty in Africa is the inability to access clean drinking water. In rural Africa, women and girls often walk long distances to fetch water for their families. Only this water is usually safe for drinking.

With your donations we will be on a good way to get out of this crisis!

With your help we can finance wells for a school or a village. The well will have a massive impact on the population and change life immediately.
Wells are inexpensive and can last for generations if properly maintained. On average, a well can be drilled in 1-3 days, depending on soil conditions, weather and water depth.

Through your donation and the resulting provision of clean water and sanitation will help to improve hygiene in the communities and reduce the mortality rate by more than half!



There are so many challenge events out there. Spread the word about our projects while catching up with friends, colleagues and neighbours, on meetings, conferences, dance evenings, sporting events, parent-teacher conferences,  e-mail campaigns, perhaps with your local community or religious groups etc.

From our knowledge in international development, we know that we need to help all members of a community.  By working together to raising enough money we can empower a whole community of women, girls and children. 

We can provide information for you to share and plenty of ideas to raise funds.

There are plenty of opportunities to help and donate. Please be part of us!

Thank you !

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