Message from the President Rev. Mrs. Ijeoma Emeribe

Rev. Mrs. Ijeoma Emeribe

The vision behind Woman Africa was conceived more than 10 years ago when the founder was still a student. The vision commence in 2015 and legalized in 2016 with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria taking us even across the shores of the country to far away east-Africa, Nairobi Kenya for interventions and outreaches.
Woman Africa has in 2016 touched lives, raised hopes for families, taken more children back to school, empowered more women, youths and vulnerable with funds and equipments to start up businesses, create women’s club and most importantly made women to stay spiritually healthy for God and the Nation.

We believe that lack of access to empowerment schemes and proper education have kept the girl-child and women relegated to the background politically and economically. While there God given talents are untapped and their divine mission not expressed to the fullest, therefore they continue to lack the capacity to function effectively in their communities and the nation at large.
In 2016, woman Africa focused on building the capacity of these women through projects tailored to empower women economically while still focused on their spiritual needs. Children and the vulnerable also made the highlights of our intervention through the provision of scholarship scheme and the access to funds to business in some states in Nigeria and Kenya.
In summary, over thousands of women and children benefitted from the various Woman Africa’s strategically planned programs in the year 2016, 2017 and 2018 which was partly financed by the founder Rev. Mrs. Ijeoma Emeribe. Therefore, we hope to enter into more productive partnerships for change in future to achieve our targeted goals and visions. It is worthy to note that sustaining these projects are key to not just actualizing our visions and targeted strategic plans, but also in achieving sustainable developmental goals, and most saliently sustaining interventions in the unreached communities and vulnerable groups in our targeted locations we require funds from people of like minded vision, funders, partnership and donor.

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