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Invest in a woman and with it in the future. Education opens up and promotes the potential of a child as a proven way out of poverty.

Teaching at the local Primary School. In fact, education is the only determinant of future economic status and autonomy.

Provide support to an individual, family or community by paying medical expenses or offering financial aid. Our goal is to carry out impactful actions and influence more lives in a positive spirit all over Africa.

To illustrate, install a water tank in a school or public building and provide residents with clean, safe drinking water.

Organize parties, meetings, events, conferences or e-mail campaigns. So many wonderful people have the best ideas.

Build Bridges with your DONATION

First of all:

We make sure that every donation goes directly to the projects in order to change the world of those affected decisively and sustainably.
Build Bridges with your DONATION.

Every amount that you donate will go to our projects in Africa!

Even a small donation can do a lot of good.

If you and/or your company want to support our initiatives and help us safeguard the future of women and children around Africa, there is a variety of ways in which you can do that. Together, we’re changing women, girls and children’s lives and the future we all share. We are an organisation you can trust!

You can make a difference!

Support a woman, a girl or a child today and turn hopelessness into confidence.

We cannot reach our goals on our own.

Please donate

With a regular donation you can help us for the long term to be planned projects and to expand our global network. We can achieve a lot even with small donations! Every amount counts – and every donation brings us closer to achieving our goals. Thank you for your contribution!

Build Bridges with your DONATION!
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Support the Women Misionaries to African Nations Foundation

The financing of the activities and programmes of Women Africa is supported by private and corporate donations. Woman Africa is a non-profit organisation. Therefore all donations are tax deductible
as far as legally permissible. Since Women Africa is a volunteer
organisation, more than 90% of your donation goes directly to the organisation’s dedicated fundraiser. No amount is too small to give and thus enable the support of women and children and the needy
in our communities.
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