An absolute sense of mission

Outstanding people have one thing in common:an absolute sense of mission.
Rev.mrs. Ijeoma Emeribe(mama Africa) mission is to eradicate poverty in Africa, Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifices, and is never the result of selfishness. Womanafrica will strife on until the rights of the women, youths and children are been given.#Saveafricanwomen #Educateachild

God-confidence comes as the Holy Spirit works in us. As we pray and when we make choices that honor God, the Holy Spirit fills us with His power for ministry. When we are filled with God’s goodness, we are confidently and effectively able to share His love and joy. As women of prayer open to the transforming touch of the Holy Spirit, we will find his divine life in us overflowing into the lives of others. Woman Africa is an ordinary woman who makes herself available to attain an extraordinary height through her passion to see people living a happy life.


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