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Climate Change action

Demand Climate Change Action Now

Climate change Action is required! We are in a climate crisis. As the President said: “No challenge – no challenge – poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change”. Extreme weather conditions, melting glaciers and rising sea levels are linked to climate change. If we continue along this path, the future of nature – together with our own – will be at risk. Climate change action  will help.

Without climate protection, humanity, wildlife and the planet we know and love will suffer. Many species, such as walruses, elephants and giant panda, will be exposed to increased threats if they cannot adapt to rising sea levels, changing precipitation patterns, warming temperatures, an acidified and warming ocean and other consequences of increased carbon pollution.

We cannot restrain ourselves and allow this to happen. We must start today and change the way we choose and use energy and resources. The US must take decisive action to combat climate change and reduce carbon pollution, reduce the effects of climate change and encourage other countries to do the same.

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Your Voice To The President

The world needs US leadership on climate change

Dear Mr. President Trump,

I believe that the US leadership is the key to a strong global solution to this great threat to man and nature. Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing the United States and the world today. And I know that the only way to protect human society and life on our planet from its worst effects will be strong action by all countries – but above all strong and ambitious leadership by the United States at home and abroad.

Thank you very much for your continued efforts to drive forward climate action in the United States. What is needed now is a strong, visionary goal to reduce carbon pollution across America and support vulnerable communities around the world that are threatened by growing extreme storms, worsening droughts and rising sea levels.

As you said, the United States has a special responsibility to lead the global response to this international crisis. Showing the world that the US has a strong vision to move to 100% clean energy will inspire other countries to act and eventually bring the world together to tackle this crisis.

The world needs America’s leadership right now. I support that this government should act as quickly and aggressively as possible to reduce CO2 emissions in the US and contribute its fair share to helping the world address this threat.

Demand Climate Change Action Now!

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